Alexandra Knight - Style File // July 3, 2014

ALEXANDRA: Art is very intimidating to some - can you talk about your approach with clients specifically those new to art collecting on a small budget?

KATE: No matter what their budget, I always tell my clients only to buy things that have meaning to them. This meaning can reside in the pictorial content of the art, or in a childhood connection to the style (for example, one may have grown up in a house with abstract paintings and may be drawn to those). But usually, it has to be cultivated by me and by the client: see a piece of art that you like, then learn about the artist, see more pieces by that artist, spend time with the artist at his studio, meet the artist's friends, know the other artists at this artist's gallery, etc. This type of educating is a large part, and one of the most fun parts, of my job. READ MORE